Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Be There

So it's been 9 month since my last post. I can't believe how fast the kids are getting bigger. My Giselle is turning into a woman in front of my eyes. Sometimes when I look at her I have a hard time remembering her as a baby and then other times I'm not really sure who she is, because I still remember her as that little girl. I think I savored the young childhood more of Giselle because she was my only one child at the time.

I was pretty sure when we colored Easter eggs last month, that it had only been about a month since we last did it, but in fact a year has passed. I have to remind myself how important these traditions are and that we'll talk about the seemingly small things for years to come. I'm doing my best to "be there". What ever is going on around me with the kids to "be there". If the kids are playing "be there". If I'm cooking to "be there" and let them help me instead of being in a hurry to finish. I'm so afraid the time will have past and I will have missed it because I was trying to hurry through.

I would also recommend when children are vulnerable or ill to "be there". Especially as they get older these moments they need us to nurture them will happen less often. Be less irritated that they are ill and routine is disrupted and take advantage of the opportunity to hold that child that doesn't want to be held usually. Take advantage of the very active child being less active while they are sick and "be there". It might turn into one your best moments.